City Resources

Building Permits

Certain building and site improvement projects require a building permit. If you have questions on whether your project requires a building permit, you should contact the Building and Safety Division for a determination. Please note that all projects may not be allowed in all zoning districts. It is recommended that you contact the Planning Division prior to any significant investment in your project.

Business Licenses

Companies or individuals doing business in Citrus Heights must have a valid business license. Prior to obtaining a business license, please check with the Planning Division to make sure the zoning is appropriate for the business you wish to conduct. Visit the Business License page to view the types of licenses, fees and to download an application.

Design Review

Development Plan Review is the process by which city staff or the Planning Commission reviews projects for compliance with the city's development standards and design guidelines as established by the Zoning Code. The application package provides the application form and information on additional materials that are required at the time of submittal.

Fee Schedule

The city and outside agencies charge a variety of development-related fees. Application fees must be submitted with the planning-related application and are not refundable. Visit the Planning Division's Fee Schedule page and the Building and Safety Division Fee webpage for specific fee information. If you have questions on which fee applies to your project, please contact the Planning Division. Outside agencies also charge certain development fees.

Inspection Services

During the construction of your project, on-site inspections will be conducted to ensure that approved materials are properly used and the work is performed according to the approved job plans. Any work or materials that are not up to code will need to be corrected and re-inspected. The inspections are for the owners and/or occupant's health and safety, as well as protecting your investment.

Planning Permits

The Planning Division processes a variety of applications including applications related to land development, business activities, and tree permits. To view the different types of permits, view the Planning Permits page. Some applications are processed over-the-counter and others require review and approval by an approving authority such as the Planning Commission or City Council.

Zoning Code

The Citrus Heights Zoning Code implements design standards related to site plan design, architecture detailing, and building materials. Zoning laws are used to regulate the physical development of land and specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational, or commercial activities may take place. Zoning is also used to control other development regulations such as signage, parking, and setback requirements.