Fee Schedule

The fees listed here are in compliance with the city’s Master Fee Schedule.

The Planning Division processes a variety of applications. Application fees must be submitted with the application and are not refundable. If you have questions on which fee applies to your project, please contact the Planning Division.

Design Review Permit

Visit the Design Review Permit page for information about the permit.

Staff Level

New commercial development or commercial additions 5,000 square feet or less gross floor area$4,699
Single-family residential developments up to 9 units$4,699
Multi-family developments up to 10 units$4,699
Permit modification$2,156

Planning Commission Level

New commercial development or additions over 5,000 square feet gross floor area$10,476
Single-family developments of 10 or more units$10,476
Multi-family developments of 11 or more units$10,476
Permit Modification$5,802

Tentative Maps

Visit the Tentative Map Permits page for more information.

Tentative Parcel Map: 1 to 4 Lots$7,185
Tentative Parcel Map Extension (if hearing is needed)
Tentative Subdivision Map$14,685
Tentative Subdivision Map Extension (if hearing is needed)
Vesting Subdivision Map$15,174

Use Permits

Visit the Use Permits page for more information.

Use Permit$7,994
Minor Use Permit$5,094
Use Permit Modification- Staff Review
Use Permit Modification- Planning Commission Review$5,994
Temporary Use Permit$225
Condominium Conversion$9,950

Zoning Ordinance Entitlements

Minor Variance$3,396
Major Variance$6,431
Zoning Ordinance Amendment$8,512

Environmental Review

Categorical Exemption + Notice of Determination
Negative Declaration (prepared by staff)
Mitigated Negative Declaration (prepared by staff)$6,000
EIR Review and Administration
Mitigation Monitoring
On occasion, consultants are needed to prepare environmental documents.  The applicant is responsible for that cost.

Miscellaneous Entitlements

Development Agreements
Contact Staff
General Plan Amendment$16,700
Letter of Public Convenience$2,400
Rezone - 2 Acres or Less$12,371
Rezone - More Than 2 Acres$15,461
Sign Exception$3,364
Specific Plan Amendment$13,253
Tree Mitigation (Per Inch)$298
Tree Permit$30
Zoning Interpretation$1,813
Zoning Confirmation Letter$362