Business Types

Business Types


The following business types are generally allowed to operation from in a residence:

  • Art and craft work (ceramics, flower arranging, jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.)
  • Beauty salon/barber limited to 1 station, and in compliance with client and customer visits standards
  • Cottage Food Operators
  • Direct sale product distribution (Avon, Herbalife, Quixtar, Tupperware, etc.)
  • Office-only uses, including: an office for an architect, attorney, consultant, counselor, doctor, engineer, insurance agent, planner, tutor, writer; typing, word processing, data processing, electronic commerce
  • Personal trainers, licensed massage therapy in compliance with Municipal Code Chapter 22, Article VIII, and physical therapy
  • Private lessons on a part-time basis providing individual instruction in academic subjects, music, athletics (e.g., swimming), arts, crafts, or similar fields, and in compliance with client and customer visits standards
  • Tailors and sewing


The following are examples of business activities that are prohibited as home occupations:

  • Adult entertainment activities and businesses
  • Animal hospitals and boarding facilities
  • Automotive and other vehicle repair and service (body or mechanical), painting, storage, or upholstery, or the repair, reconditioning, servicing, or manufacture of any vehicle engine, or of any motor vehicle, including automobiles, boats, motorcycles, or trucks
  • Commercial cabinet or furniture making, and similar uses
  • Contractor's yards and other storage yards
  • Dismantling, junk, or scrap yards
  • Fitness and health facilities, except those allowed under Subsection C.1.E
  • Manufacturing activities, except those allowed under Subsections C.1
  • Medical clinics and laboratories
  • On-site sales other than of artist originals produced on site except that mail order businesses may be allowed where there is no stock-in-trade on the site
  • Personal services such as tattoo and body piercing services
  • Transportation services, including taxis, limousines, tow trucks, etc.
  • Uses involving explosives or highly combustible or toxic materials, including ammunition reloading
  • Welding and machine shop operations
  • Other uses the director determines to be similar to those above