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Starting a Business in Citrus Heights

Step 1-Determine your Business Structure

For operating and business reporting purposes, it is important to determine if you will operate your business as a sole proprietor, partnership (2 or more owners), corporation (1 or more stockholders/officers), or some other form of business entity.

State of California Secretary of State’s Office, Business Entities:

Step 2-Find a Location for your Business and Contact Citrus Heights Planning Division

Find a Location for your Business and Contact Citrus Heights Planning Division (916) 727-4740.

Before signing a building property lease or purchase agreement, contact the City of Citrus Heights Planning Division to determine the zoning of the site, and whether or not your type of business is a permitted use for that location.  In some cases, and additional permit may be required. 

Step 3-Obtain Other Permits and Licenses

Building Permits:

If you intend to alter, remodel, relocate or install any structure, electrical, plumbing. or mechanical portions of the building, you will need to contact the Building Department (916) 727-4760.

When a building has a change of use the Building Department may require a tenant improvement.

The Building Division may refer you to outside agencies such as:

Sign Permits:

Sign permits are required for any sign on the outside of the building including permanent and temporary signs or banners.  Planning Division approval is required along with Building Division approval for a sign permit to be issued.  (Building Division approval not required for a Temporary Sign Permit)

Step 4-Register a Fictitious Business Name

If you create a name that is different than your own legal name , you will need to file a fictitious name with the Sacramento County Finance Department:

Step 5-Tax Reporting

All businesses are required to file both state and federal tax returns.  Contact the California State Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service to learn about specific requirements.

If you sell a product, you should contact the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration to assist you in determining if a Seller’s Permit is needed.

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration:

Step 6-Obtain a City of Citrus Heights Business License

The City of Citrus Heights Municipal Code requires that all business operating within the city limits must obtain a Business License. The fee for a Business License is based on the type  of business. Business operating out of a residence are required to complete the Home Occupation Clearance form (which is part of the online Business License Application).  It can take up to 60 day for the business license process, please provide all supporting  information when applying, this will help the process.

  1. Business Licenses

    Physical Address
    6360 Fountain Square Drive
    Citrus HeightsCA 95621
    Phone: 916-727-4907
    Fax: 916-725-5799

    Lobby Hours

    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Temporary Signage Update:

The City will not be enforcing temporary signage standards for essential businesses during this emergency period. 
We welcome you to use banners or A-frame signs to let the community know you are open!

The Labor Commissioner’s Office is starting a Business Engagement Program:

that assists businesses in staying in compliance with California labor laws. Every year thousands of businesses receive citations or are defendants in wage claims for engaging business practices that they didn’t know were against the law, such as the misclassification of workers as independent contractors or not paying daily overtime. The Business Engagement program is dedicated to educating employers and providing them with free resources such as labor law and payroll tax seminars, providing free employer postings, and answers to frequently asked questions on a wide variety of labor law issues.