Why doesn't the City install a stop sign at a certain intersection?

Stop signs may be installed after stop sign warrants are met for a particular intersection. Stop sign warrants are based on traffic volumes, visibility, and the accident rate. Many people believe stop signs are the answer to controlling speeding along streets. The Caltrans traffic manual states that stop signs are not to be used as a speed control device, but to identify who has the right-of-way at an intersection. 

Studies have shown that when unwarranted stop signs are installed along a road, motorists soon realize that the stop signs are unnecessary and begin to run the stop sign. This behavior could lead to an accident. Also, motorists tend to speed up after an unwarranted stop sign because they are frustrated by having to stop or slow for what they feel is an unnecessary stop sign. In many cases, measured speeds have been higher between stop signs than before the signs were installed.  

Requests for transportation safety improvements may be made using the Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program. Visit Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program (MMTSP) | Citrus Heights, CA - Official Website for more information.  

Requests for traffic sign maintenance can be requested through the Service Requests | Citrus Heights, CA - Official Website.

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