City Council

Citrus Heights operates under a council-manager form of government. Five members of the City Council are elected at large to over-lapping terms of 4 years. The Council selects one of its members to serve as mayor.

The Mayor of Citrus Heights is Jeannie Bruins, and the Vice Mayor is Jeff Slowey. Council Members include Bret Daniels, Porsche Middleton and Steve Miller. You may contact council members individually or email the City Council.


The City Council is the legislative body responsible for the overall policies of the city. The Council makes all policy determinations through enactment of ordinances and resolutions and has final authority in the implementation of these policies. The Council determines how the city will obtain and spend funds and annually reviews and approves the city's budget. The city council appoints the city manager and city attorney, as well as the members of the city's various advisory boards and commissions.

City of Citrus Heights City Council Handbook (PDF)
Adopted October 27, 2016