Street Use Permits

Limiting Access to a Street

Street use permits are required when residents or businesses want to temporarily limit access or close a street. Examples of typical permit requests include parades, races, or neighborhood block parties.

Issuing a Street Use Permit

Staff members evaluate a number of factors before the city will issue a street use permit. Examples of considerations include:

  • Time / day of event
  • Impact on traffic and residents
  • Emergency response access
  • Noise impacts.

Submitting Requests

In order to allow adequate time for staff and police review, please submit requests at least 30 days prior to the event. Applicants also need to coordinate with the police department and Sacramento Metro Fire Department prior to the event (see application for details).

Applications should be submitted with a map showing the location of the proposed street closure and a petition showing the approval of affected businesses and/or residents. Event insurance may required by the city. If you would like more information on street use permits, please call 916-727-4770.

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Street Use Permit Application