Pavement Maintenance Program

Citrus Heights maintains approximately 235 miles of streets. Although streets are built to last for 20 to 40 years, they begin to deteriorate from the moment they are constructed. Streets with a lot of traffic, particularly heavy truck traffic, deteriorate more rapidly than streets in residential neighborhoods. Despite a significant investment in pavement maintenance since incorporation, the city still has a large backlog of streets that require maintenance. This backlog requires more money than the city receives for road maintenance activities. Therefore, paving priorities are established to best utilize the city's limited funding. The actual number of streets resurfaced in any given year varies due to street length and budget constraints.

 Where Does the Money Come From?

The city receives gas tax funds that are primarily used to fund regular maintenance activities (pothole patching, traffic signal maintenance, renewal of pavement striping, and replacement of worn signs). We also receive Measure A sales tax income that helps to pay for road resurfacing projects like slurry seals, cape seals, and asphalt overlays.

For questions regarding this year's project or the overlay program, please contact Stuart Hodgkins, General Services Department at 916-727-4770.