Street Lights

Maintenance & Operation of Safety Lighting

The maintenance and operation of street lights and safety lighting is managed by the City's General Services Department. To report a street light that isn't working or that needs repair, contact us directly at 916-727-4770 or use the SeeClickFix App to submit a request on-line.

Converting to LED Street Lights

Each year, the City converts a portion of the existing Mercury Vapor (MV), Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights to energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) models. In 2021, we implemented a city-wide LED conversion project that converted over 500 existing “cobra head” street lights on major roads (see table below). An additional 50 “post top” street lights were converted in various neighborhoods throughout the city, plus the 36 “decorative” street lights on Sayonara Drive, west of Sunrise Boulevard.

Cobra Head:

Post Top:

Decorative Top:

cobra head street light styleSL Post Top Top

Energy efficient street light conversions reduce energy usage by approximately 50-60%, resulting in a proportionate reduction of electricity costs. In addition, the life expectancy of new fixtures is 15 years (3 times longer than the expectancy of the existing fixtures), significantly reducing time and material costs to maintain the lights. LEDs provide clearer and more consistent light quality, making streets safer as fewer outages occur due to the increased life expectancy. They also have more consistent distribution of light, resulting in fewer dark spots. 

Roads Converted to LED in 2021 Project

Antelope RdKenneth AveSan Juan Ave
Arcadia DrMadison AveSayonara Dr
Auburn BlvdOak AveSunrise Blvd
Dewey DrOld Auburn RdVan Maren Ln
Fair Oaks BlvdRoseville RdWachtel Way

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Please call the General Services Department at (916) 727-4770 or email us at with questions regarding energy efficient street light upgrades.

Page last updated March 21, 2022.