Basketball Hoop Removal

Hoops as Safety Hazards

Basketball hoops in the streets and on sidewalks are potential safety hazards for the players and can become hazards for those who are trying to use the streets and sidewalks. Motorists, bicycles, strollers, pedestrians and wheelchair users should be able to travel safely without having to go around basketball hoops or other obstructions in the right-of-way. Service vehicles such as garbage or other utility vehicles can also be adversely affected by hoops in the travel way.

Basketball Hoops Policy

The City has adopted a policy (PDF) that discourages the use of basketball hoops in the roadway. When the City receives a complaint (from a resident or other user of the right-of-way), staff members will send a letter to the resident and the property owner (if applicable) asking them to remove the obstruction.

What Will Happen

Staff members will inspect the site within 72 hours to ensure that the hoop is no longer in the right-of-way. If the hoop remains in the right-of-way, it may be confiscated. City staff make every effort to make sure the hoop owner is notified and given the opportunity to comply. However, if the hoop owner fails to remove the hoop and it is confiscated, the owner will be charged to get it back. In addition, if the hoop is not claimed within seven days, it may be donated to a local charity.

Requesting Removal of a Basketball Hoop

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