Capital Improvement Projects - Improving Infrastructure

Current & Upcoming City Projects updated August 7, 2020

Page last updated August 5, 2020
Project Description Status
Accessibility & Drainage Improvements Work includes reconstructing non-compliant ADA ramps; relocating or reconstructing various storm drain inlets and pipes; minor concrete repairs (curb, gutter, sidewalks); and pavement restoration adjacent to all new concrete.  Work to begin August 10, 2020
Residential Street Resurfacing Project Projects will resurface various residential streets around the city with related asphalt and concrete repairs. 
2019 Residential Street Resurfacing was completed on  June 30, 2020. Visit the project page for details. 
Auburn Blvd Complete Streets Phase 2 Complete streets improvements with sidewalks, lighting, traffic signal upgrades and landscaping. Northern city limits to Rusch Park. SACOG award, Regional Program grant, and Regional ATP grant have been awarded. ​RFP for Final Design was awarded March 2020 to Bennett Engineering. Construction funding programmed in FY 2022-2023.
Bonita Way / Maretha Street Storm Drain Improvements (SDMP Areas 8, 9, 10) Project will construct storm drain and surface improvements along Maretha Street, Bonita Way and then along Old Auburn Blvd to Mariposa Creek.
Neighborhood Areas 8, 9, & 10 Storm Drain Master Plan Study.  
Project design is complete. Bidding Fall 2020. Construction Spring 2021.  
Carriage Drive and Lauppe Lane Safe Schools Corridor Plan Evaluate streets and on-site school circulation to identify measures to mitigate deficiencies. Includes community engagement.  Carriage/Lauppe between Auburn and Antelope. Project is currently in the planning phase. The draft plan will be presented to City Council, then with their comments, the final plan will be developed.
Storm Drain Improvements - Denton Way, Dana Butte Way, & Wonder Street Storm drain and surface improvements along Denton Way, Dana Butte Way, Wonder Street.
Identified in the Neighborhood Areas 8, 9, & 10 Storm Drain Master Plan Study.  
Design phase. Construction for FY 2020-21
Electric Greenway Trail Project
(ATP Grant)
Project will construct a nearly 3 mile long multi-use trail between Arcade Creek Park Preserve and Wachtel Way, using an existing electric transmission corridor. The city was awarded grant funds for the design & construction of this project. Environmental Impact report was accepted by council in 2019. Planning still underway, construction anticipated for 2021
Mariposa Avenue
Safe Routes to School Phase 3
Project will construct sidewalk, curb, gutter, ADA curb access ramps, bike lanes, drainage improvements and new LED street lighting.  Construction completed. Completing punch list.  Final acceptance by Council April 23, 2020.
Mariposa Avenue
Safe Routes to School Phase 4
Construct sidewalks, bike lanes, and associated improvements. Project is the final phase of a 1.2 mile Safe Route to School Project and will complete the bicycle and pedestrian network.  The preliminary plans and environmental review/documentation is complete. Public outreach underway. CTC authorized Final design and right-of-way phases of project. Consultant work on these two phases is underway. 4/21/20 project submitted to state architect for plan review. 
Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program Develop an updated plan to evaluate and prioritize neighborhood transportation safety requests.
Results of the survey and traffic studies to discussed during the Community Meeting #2.
State authorization to proceed 11/18. Consultant Steer Group awarded project February 2019. 
Champion Orientation – 10/2/19 COMPLETED
Community Meeting 1 – 10/30/19 COMPLETED 
MMTSP Survey – 2/7/20 COMPLETED  
Community Meeting 2 – Tues April 14, 2020 COMPLETED
Zoom Webinar - Video & pdf are posted!  
Community Meeting 3 – September 29, 2020 5:30-7:00 PM, Location TBA - SAVE THE DATE! 
Old Auburn Complete Streets Plan (CalTrans Sustainable Communities Grant) Project will evaluate existing conditions, identify collision trends and deficiencies. Engage community to identify solutions to improve Old Auburn Rd. between Fair Oaks Blvd. and Auburn Blvd.  December 2019 Lanes reduced on Fair Oaks Blvd for safety.  February 27, 2020 Council directed staff to pursue developing a plan. March 26, 2020 the plan was adopted by City Council. The plan will be used to seek grant funding for design and construction phases. 
Various Signalized Intersection Safety Improvements
(HSIP Grant)
Project increases safety for vehicles, bicycles & pedestrians at signalized intersections. Upgrades 30 signalized intersections, a pedestrian median barrier fence along three legs of Greenback Ln/Auburn Blvd intersection, and  four accessible curb ramps at two intersections on Sunrise Blvd (at Macy Plaza Drive & Birdcage Center). Community outreach began Jan 2019. Community Open House was Feb 2019. An online community survey regarding median fence-work elicited 500 responses. Survey results presented to Council March 14, 2019. Project went out to bid March 2020. Council recommended staff to reject all bids and Authorize Staff to Re-Bid. (TBA)