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Current & Upcoming City Projects updated September 2018

Current City projects Page last updated September 17, 2018
Project Description Status
2018 Accessibility and Drainage Improvements Project upgrades ADA sidewalk access ramps and substandard drainage inlets and laterals at various locations in the City. The 2018 project will concentrate work in Neighborhood Area 2. Streets included: Auburn Blvd, Dolan Way, Oakberry Way, Enright Drive, Rollingwood Blvd, Rosswood Drive, Van Maren Lane, Oak Forest Street, Grand Oaks Blvd, Glass Slipper Way, and Rusch Drive. Project went out to bid and was awarded by the City Council on August 23, 2018. Construction to begin September 2018.
2018 Residential Street Resurfacing Project Resurfacing various residential streets including minor pavement reconstruction; pavement grinding, constructing curb and gutter, construction storm drains and drainage inlets, adjusting manholes and valves boxes to grade; and restoring traffic striping, legends and markings. Out to bid. Contract to be awarded September 2018.
Baird Way Drainage Improvements Installation of new drainage inlets and pipes to increase capacity to eliminate recurring nuisance ponding at Baird Way & Holly Drive  Council accepted the project as complete July 26, 2018. Staff recorded the Notice of Completion July 30, 2018.
Bonita Way/Maretha Street Storm Drain Improvements (SDMP—Areas 8, 9, 10) Project will construct storm drain and surface improvements along Maretha Street, Bonita Way and then along Old Auburn Blvd to Mariposa Creek.   Project is currently in design and expected to start construction in late Summer 2018.
Carriage Drive and Lauppe Lane Safe Schools Corridor Plan Evaluate streets and on-site school circulation to identify measures to mitigate deficiencies. Includes community engagement.  Carriage/Lauppe between Auburn and Antelope. On Hold - Authorization anticipated October 2018.
Citrus Heights Comprehensive Transit Plan Grant  Comprehensive analysis existing transit system serving the City. Analysis to be completed in Summer 2018. 
Electric Greenway
(ATP Grant)
Project will construct a nearly 3 mile long multi-use trail between Arcade Creek Park Preserve and Wachtel Way, using an existing electric transmission corridor.  City was awarded grant funds for the design & construction of this project. Kick-off meeting with consultant and design team  was held August 16, 2018.
Highland Avenue Storm Drain Improvements
(SDMP Areas 8, 9, 10)
Project will construct storm drain and surface improvements along Highland Avenue from Deerfield Drive to Mariposa Avenue as well as drainage inlet upgrades on Rinconada Drive. On-Hold-Construction bids were received in late July and staff is currently evaluating bids and determining next steps.
Mariposa Avenue
Safe Routes to School
Phase 3
Project will construct sidewalk, curb, gutter, ADA curb access ramps, bike lanes, drainage improvements and new LED street lighting.  On Hold - will rebid in the fall.
Mariposa Avenue
Safe Routes to School
Phase 4
Construct sidewalks, bike lanes, and associated improvements. Project is the final phase of a 1.2 mile Safe Route to School Project and will complete the bicycle and pedestrian network.  Design contract awarded  August 9, 2018 by City Council.
Old Auburn Complete Streets Plan
(CalTrans Sustainable Communities Grant)
Project will evaluate existing conditions, identify collision trends and deficiencies. Engage community to identify solutions to improve Old Auburn Rd. between Fair Oaks Blvd. and Auburn Blvd.  Contract was awarded August 23, 2018 by City Council.
Smart Region Sacramento
(ITS Master Plan)
Smart Region Sacramento is a regional effort led by SACOG to “improve system performance, safety, sustainability, and reliability by ensuring efficient investments in regional smart transportation projects.” Citrus Heights will get a standalone ITS Master Plan, replacing the current Plan developed almost 20 years ago. Staff will provide input on and review all other project tasks. A project specific website will be maintained during the project at Smart Region Sacramento effort has an aggressive 12-month schedule and work on the local plans will commence May 2018. Staff met March 14, 2018 with consultant.  
Storm Drain System Annual Cleaning Cleaning of the storm drain system to prevent street flooding.  Regular storm drain cleaning program for this year is complete; Contractor remains available to assist clearing clogged storm drains during storm events.
Sunrise Blvd Complete Streets Improvements Phase 2A (West side Sunrise only—Sayonara Dr to Locher Way)  Project will construct curb, ADA curb ramps, gutter and sidewalk to meet accessibility standards, upgrade the existing traffic signal, landscape the bifurcated sidewalk and the median, storm water drainage system.  Construction will start in Fall 2018 and take 4-5 months to complete.
Various Signalized Intersection Safety Improvements (HSIP Grant)  Project is to increase safety for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians at signalized intersections  Design Kick-off meeting took place February 22, 2018. Construction TBD.