Citrus Heights: Solid roots. New growth.

CITRUS HEIGHTS LOGOIn 2016, as the City's 20th anniversary approached, the Citrus Heights City Council identified a need to develop a community-wide branding plan for the City of Citrus Heights. It was acknowledged that the City had accomplished a great deal in its 20 years of cityhood, despite its many obstacles and limited resources, but the reality was not reflected in its regional perception. More than a slogan or a logo, a "brand" focuses on sending out a cohesive message and consistent feel that expresses the unique identity of Citrus Heights, both to members of the Citrus Heights community and to people located outside of the City's borders. City staff put together a creative team, featuring members of the community, and worked with a community branding expert (North Star Destination Strategies) to identify the key qualities that make Citrus Heights unique. We engaged countless residents, community partners, stakeholders and those completely unfamiliar with Citrus Heights through surveys, interviews and perception studies.

After much research, the team selected "Solid roots. New growth." as our brand. The brand highlights the City's strong leadership and collaborative community spirit that won us cityhood, has kept us in a strong financial position despite no access to property tax and continues to be the foundation for our community's growth today. Our new growth is evident in the over $100 million in infrastructure improvements completed, a Community Center and City Hall that was built with no debt and a new Dignity Health medical office building that will be opening in 2019, to name a few. It is our rich history of self-reliance and problem solving, but also new energy and ideas that offers families and businesses the stability and support they both seek, presenting an environment for growth.

Several creative tools were developed as part of this process, including the logo you see above. The City has started a gradual visual roll-out of the new brand that will continue to unfold overtime. And this new effort is only the beginning. "Solid roots. New growth." is our foundational touchstone for all planned action in our city, from marketing to infrastructure to policy development because it is who we are and what makes us unique.

For more information, please contact the Economic Development Division at (916) 727-4745 and ask us about our "Solid roots. New growth."