This team consists of Detectives specially trained in the areas of Problem-Oriented Policing, Community-Oriented Policing, Street Level Narcotic Enforcement, Violent Offender Monitoring, Fugitive Apprehension, General Nuisance Abatement, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). Their main goal is to create long-term solutions to those issues which negatively impact the quality of life for our residents and business owners.

The IMPACT team is a component of the overall IMPACT Unit. Our Homeless Navigator, Task Force Detectives, and Sunrise Marketplace District Officer round out the remainder of the Unit and provide additional enhanced resources to accomplish the Unit's Community First initiatives.

IMPACT Detectives

IMPACT Detectives support the Department's goals, as identified through our crime reduction model known as Crime and Traffic in Citrus Heights (CATCH). They focus on street-level crime suppression, community outreach, and crime prevention education in those areas experiencing significant crime trends or quality of life concerns. IMPACT Detectives work collaboratively with all of our Department units, City partners, allied social services providers, and community stakeholders to apply the appropriate mix of education, resources, and enforcement to attain long-term problem resolution.

IMPACT Detectives will be trained in investigative techniques and surveillance to handle street-level crime. This team is primarily a high-visibility uniformed patrol team operating in marked patrol vehicles. The team will often serve as the face of the Department at City Council meetings, neighborhood and community meetings, and special events.

IMPACT Unit detectives also provide periodic department training to enhance staff knowledge of community issues and crime trends. IMPACT Unit detectives possess strong and clear communication skills, whether speaking to individuals or presenting to a large group.

Community Groups

IMPACT Detectives also work with community groups such as Business Watch, Neighborhood Associations, and Neighborhood Watch groups to impact crime in their areas of concern.

Panhandling Ordinance

CHPD Staff worked with business owners, community groups, and homeless persons to provide an ordinance that preserved the rights of the community to quietly enjoy businesses and services in the city without infringing on the constitutional rights of the homeless to seek assistance.

If you would like to contact an IMPACT Detective in your area, feel free to email.