Veteran Resources

The City of Citrus Heights is proud to support current and past members of the military. We honor you and thank you for your service! 

Policy for Fees on Home Improvements for Disabled Veterans

Building permit and plan review fees will be waived for home improvement projects of a disabled military veteran where a building permit is required.  This applies to R-3 Occupancy Uses covered by the California Residential Code.

This policy will apply to most home improvement projects being made to accommodate the veteran’s “qualified disability” as defined by Health and Safety Code Section 17951.5 (b). This excludes new construction and most “change-in-use” type permits.

Final determination of which projects quality for the waiver will be determined by the Chief Building Official.  Contact the Building & Safety Division for more information.  We can be reached at 916-725-4760.

Business License Fee Waiver for Honorably Discharged Veterans

Honorably discharged veterans who can provide a DD-214 are eligible for business license fees to be waived.  Veterans who hawk, peddle, or vend any goods from a fixed location are eligible.  For more information please contact us at 916-727-4907.

Community Resources for Veterans

American Legion Post 637  

Veterans Community Center

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