Transportation & Connectivity

Complete Streets

In 2011, the city formerly adopted a Complete Streets Policy for the city's entire transportation network. The city's goal states: "Plan, design, construct, and manage a Complete Streets transportation network that accommodates the needs of all mobility types, users, and ability levels".

Whereas in the past the city's roadways were viewed primarily for automotive based travel, the city's philosophy has adapted to recognize the important role roadways play for residents that walk, bike, or use transit.

The city is working on a variety of projects in order to better accommodate all modes of transportation. To learn more about these projects, review the Complete Streets page.

Cycling & Sustainability in the City

Did you know that bicycling is one of the most affordable and sustainable modes of transportation? According to the Sustainable Travel website, the average American car owner drives 40 miles per day, using up to 14 gallons of gas each week! If these drivers switched to biking, they would save over $45 per week, burn up to 500 calories per hour, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Expanding Biking Opportunities

The City of Citrus Heights is working hard to expand biking opportunities and making it safer for cyclists to ride throughout the community. Each year, the city works to make the streets more friendly to cyclists. In addition to increasing the number of bicycle lanes in the city annually, several off-street multi-use trails are currently in the planning process. For more information, see the city's Complete Streets page.