Sunrise MarketPlace Overlay District

Sunrise Marketplace Overlay District Map

In October 2022, the City of Citrus Heights added a new zoning overlay district called the Sunrise MarketPlace Overlay.  This new overlay zone further refines the allowed uses within the Sunrise MarketPlace area.  All uses listed by Article 2 (Zoning Districts and Allowable Land Uses) as permitted or conditionally permitted, are allowed as determined by the applicable commercial zone, with the exception that the following uses are prohibited:

  1. Service Stations
  2. Vehicle Services- Major.  Major services include towing, collision repair, other body work, and painting services, tire recapping repair/replacement of transmission or engines, or any other type of service not considered minor.
  3. Vehicle Service - Minor.  Minor services include facilities providing limited repair and maintenance services.  Examples include: attended and self-service car washes; brake part replacement, detailing services, minor tune-ups, muffler and radiator shops, quick-lube service; tire and battery sales and installation (not including recapping).
  4. Storage- Personal Storage Facility (mini-storage)
  5. Ambulance, taxi, and specialized transportation and dispatch facility

Existing uses legally in existence on or before December 1, 2022, which are prohibited by 106.28.050.B.1, may continue to operate, including transfers of ownership, provided the continuation shall comply with the requirements of Section 106.70.020 and Section 106.28.050.C.

For more information on the Sunrise MarketPlace Overlay District, refer to Section 106.28.050 of the Zoning Code.