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  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Problem Information
  3. 3. Credible Information Regarding Suspects
  • Step One

    1. If you have a life threatening emergency or need to report a crime in progress, please call 911.

      If you need to file a crime report, please refer to the information in the reports section of the police web pages for information on filing your report. Please do not attempt to use this worksheet to file a crime report.

      Use the police citizen concern worksheet below to notify the police of the following problems: reoccurring/suspicious activities, crime series, safety hazards, suspected drug activity, problems with juveniles, transient problems, traffic problems, or other non-criminal activity.

      Please provide as much information as you can. The more complete the information, the better we are able to serve you.
    2. Please note: this form does not qualify as a crime report.
    3. If the problem involves your business or place of work, please complete the business information.