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Arcade Creek Park Preserve

The Arcade Creek Park Preserve stretches 9.1 acres and is located in front of Sunrise Boulevard opposite Staples Department Store near Greenback Lane. This parcel is largely in a flood plain and is adjacent to Arcade Creek. Noe Villa will be the project manager on behalf of the Sunrise Recreation and Park District and will be consulting with Foothill Associates Landscape Architects. The district retained this group for assistance with creating the construction documents needed to develop the site. The Arcade Creek Park Preserve Master Plan was approved at the July 21, 2009 County Board Meeting and includes the following amenities:

  • Walking Paths: The number 1 item requested by users of our parks are walking or exercise paths. This site will accommodate 3,700 feet of paved walking path to be used for exercise and exploration of the natural beauty of this little gem that is tucked away next to Arcade Creek. This path will connect Sayonara Drive with Sunrise Boulevard and Bonham Circle.
  • Interpretive Stations: Areas for discovery will be a learning environment for all age groups.
  • New Play Equipment: The children that attended the community meeting would like play equipment that is indicative of the natural environment found along the creek such as rope swings and climbing rocks. Future meetings will help nail down the specifics of the design.
  • Picnic Shelter: A small area for a dozen or so persons to sit and enjoy a picnic in the shade that would be close to the play area.
  • Parking Lot: Neighbors requested a small parking lot for school children and for park users who may want to drive to the site for their visit since parking is limited on Bonham Circle and no parking is available on Sunrise.
  • Creek Restoration: With the residential and commercial development in the area upstream and with the related paved surfaces that come with those types of developments, we have noticed an increased in the runoff into Arcade Creek. This additional water has increased the flow rate which in turn is causing erosion of the banks which is going downstream and is eventually being deposited somewhere off site. This project proposes to lay back the banks to reduce the speed at which the water flows thus slowing down the rate of erosion. After laying back the banks, they will be re-vegetated with native vegetation that will aid in conserving the soil and increasing habitat for local native species.
  • Native Landscaping: In areas where park patrons may come close to neighbors, native plantings will be planted to provide a natural privacy screen.
  • Connection to Sayonara Drive: There are 2 parcels of property owned by the City of Citrus Heights (APN 243-0276-011 and APN 243-0410-001) that create an access point and connection to the Arcade Creek Park Preserve. The City of Citrus Heights has deeded these properties to the Sunrise Recreation and Park District at the September 27, 2012 City Council meeting. The newly revised project will now include total connectivity from Sayonara Drive to Bonham Circle and Sunrise Boulevard.

For More Information

For more information regarding the workshops and the project, contact Noe Villa at 916-725-0430