About the Code

The Zoning Code provides the regulations that are used to implement the policies of the city's General Plan. Zoning laws are used to regulate the physical development of land and specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational, or commercial activities may take place.

Zoning is also used to control other development regulations, such as signage, parking, and minimum yard requirements, more commonly referred to as setback requirements.

Contacting the Division

The zoning designation of a property can influence the development potential of a property. It is important that you contact Planning Division staff before you make a significant investment in your proposed project. To request the zoning of a particular parcel, complete the on-line zoning request form.

Obtaining a Copy

You may view a copy of the Citrus Heights Zoning Code online or at the public counter of City Hall. You may also purchase a printed and bound document for $25 or a CD version for $15. Contact the Planning Division at 916-727-4740 for more information the code.