Sign Permits

A sign permit is required to erect, install, or display any commercial signage in Citrus Heights. Applicants must submit for permit utilizing the Citizen Access Portal and provide scaled drawings and site plan as described below. All plans and supporting documentation shall be organized, correctly orientated and submitted as a single PDF file.

At the time of submittal to the Building and Safety Division, applications will be reviewed by the Planning Division for compliance to sign code regulations.

Sign Plan - Wall Mounted Signs

The applicant must submit scaled drawings of the proposed sign. Sign details include: outside dimensions of the sign, description of lighting for the sign, type of sign, weight of sign, and method of installation/connection details. Proposed wording and design must be shown.

Monument or Freestanding Signs

The applicant must submit scaled drawings proposed signage which are wet-stamped and signed by a structural engineer. Proposed wording and design must be shown. Detailed foundation plans are required on freestanding monument signs. Sign details include:

  • Outside dimensions of the sign
  • Description of lighting for the sign
  • Type of sign
  • Type of materials used for the construction

Site Plan

The applicant must submit a scaled drawing of the site plan and where the sign will be erected for both freestanding signs or wall mounted signs. View a sample Site Plan (PDF). The drawing shall show all pertinent information:

  • Property lines
  • Road right-of-way
  • Existing structures
  • Exact location of the proposed sign on the property
  • Distance of the sign from property lines and roads must be noted
  • Identify all existing sign locations on the site plan

Sign Inspections

Sign permit applications require plan check through the Building and Safety Division. Please view the inspections page for additional information.

Special Notes

  • Applicants should allow 10 working days for plan check review.
  • Sign permit fees are collected based upon valuation. Plan check fees are due at time of submittal and the building permit fee is due at issuance. If the sign is electric, an electrical fee will be added to the building permit fee.
  • Approved sign permits will be issued a city sign tag that must be affixed to sign at time of inspection.
  • Inspections required are setback, footing/foundation, electrical and a final inspection.

Changing the Face, Type or Wording Only

If a business is changing the type, wording, or face of the sign and the sign size (area of the text) has not increased, then a permit is not required.

If changes to an existing sign result in an enlargement to the sign size, the applicant must apply for a building permit.