Sunrise Mall Specific Plan


Sunrise Mall has served an important role in the City prior to incorporation. Generations of residents and visitors have enjoyed the mall since 1972. The mall has been and continues to be an important community destination.

The City recognizes the importance the mall plays within the community and wants to ensure the mall continues to be a destination locally and regionally. Planning for the future of the mall, given the changing retail environment, is a key step to ensuring the continued success of the mall.

On July 11, 2019, the City Council adopted a General Plan Amendment, requiring the development of a Specific Plan for the Sunrise Mall Property to ensure a comprehensive planning approach to the future redevelopment of the mall. 

October 2019, the City started development of the Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan to ensure a comprehensive planning and community engagement process would help shape the future of Sunrise Mall.

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Draft Specific Plan

The Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan establishes the regulatory and design framework for the future redevelopment of the Sunrise Mall property. This Specific Plan controls what can be built, establishes requirements for how much building area is allowed, what uses are permitted, and where street networks and open spaces are to be located.

The overall purpose of the Specific Plan is to provide a comprehensive direction for the development of the project site while implementing the goals and policies of the Citrus Heights General Plan. An Environmental Impact Report has been prepared for the Specific Plan as well.  

The Specific Plan is available to download here: 

Public Review of Specific Plan

The Specific Plan is available for review and comment. Please email any comments to

The Specific Plan and EIR will be considered by both the Planning Commission and City Council in 2021.

 Environmental Review

The Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan includes an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIR is intended to analyze and disclose the potential impacts of the proposed development on the environment. More information on the Environmental Review for the project by clicking the View Environmental Review Page button below.

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