Barking Complaints

barking dog

Citrus Heights Municipal Code § 8-44 defines prohibited conduct for animals within the City of Citrus Heights.  

No owner of any animal, wild or domestic, shall permit or suffer the animal to...Make loud or disturbing noises without provocation, including, but not limited to, chronic howling, yowling, barking, whining, or other utterances.

Talk to your neighbor

Noise complaints are often one of the most difficult and time consuming to resolve.   Before you file a complaint with Animal Services we recommend you notify the dog owner directly if you feel comfortable doing so.  Often times dog owners are not home when the barking occurs so are unaware of the issue.  Also, keep in mind that retraining a dog takes time; an immediate resolution is not likely to occur. 

Read Tips to Prevent Conflict with Neighbors for tools and information on how to approach a neighbor with a problem. 

If after that there is no change, see below for information on filing a complaint with Citrus Heights Animal Services.

So Your Dog Barks Too Much

There are many reasons a dog may bark excessively. 

  • Boredom/ Attention Seeking/ Frustration Barking
  • Territorial Barking
  • Separation Anxiety or Fear

What you can do:

Training - there are many affordable options in the area including programs through the Sacramento SPCA and other local shelters

Read information and training ideas for problem barking 

Work with your neighbors to understand and correct the issue.  

To report problem barking file an online report, submit a form, or dial (916) 727-4797 to leave a message on our dedicated barking line.

Your communication should include: 
  •  The address of the barking dog(s)
  •   Total number of dogs
  •   A description of the dog(s) -  breed, size, etc
  •   What time of day the barking is occurring, 
  •   The duration (length of time) of the barking 
  •   Your contact information