Pet Licensing

Did you know that within the Citrus Heights Municipal Code is a requirement that all domestically owned dogs and cats be licensed? In order to license your pet, the animal must have a current rabies vaccination. A rabies tag is not a license. Owners of unlicensed and unvaccinated animals may be cited and face additional fines for further non-compliance. 

Benefits of Licensing Your Pet

  • Your pet may be returned to you immediately if lost. If an Animal Services Officer picks up your pet, we will attempt to return it to you before it goes to the shelter, saving impound fees.
  • Your pet's microchip numbers can be associated with licensing information, allowing animals to be returned more quickly.
  • A licensed pet will be held at the shelter for a minimum of 10 business days.
  • If your pet is injured, we will contact your personal veterinarian.
  • Many dog parks, apartment complexes, and boarding facilities require pets to be licensed.
  • Licensing fees allow us to provide 24/7 services for the animals and people in our communities.
  •  At the sad time of your pet's death, we can assist with free or low cost services for final arrangements.

How to License Your Pet

In Person

Citrus Heights residents may license in person at City Hall 6360 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights CA 95621.
Sacramento County residents may pick up a Sacramento County application by visiting Citrus Heights City Hall or visit for more information.


Visit Sacramento County's website to apply for a pet license and pay online. Your pet's rabies paperwork must be mailed to Sacramento County to complete the process.

By Mail

Print the application (PDF) and mail it along with your pet's rabies paperwork to:
Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation
3839 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento, CA 95827

Forms of Payment 
Citrus Heights Animal Services accepts cash, check, credit or debit card for licensing fees.  The City of Citrus Heights cannot process or receive payments for unincorporated Sacramento County. Please visit for more information.   
 Citrus Heights License & Service Fees


Citrus Heights Residents

Length of License
Altered (Spayed /
Neutered) Animals
Unaltered Animals
1-Year License
$15 $30
2-Year License
$30 $60
3-Year License
$45 $90

Residents of Unincorporated Sacramento County

Length of License
Altered (Spayed /
Neutered) Animals
Unaltered Animals
1-Year License
$15 $50
2-Year License
$30 $100
3-Year License
$40 $150

If your animal is not licensed or if you are unsure whether your animal is licensed, contact Citrus Heights Animal Services at 916-725-7387 or Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation at 916-368-7387. For more information and frequently asked questions about licensing, visit Sacramento County's website.