Home Repair Loans & Grants

About the Programs
The city has home repair programs designed to assist homeowners with essential repairs. The home must be owner-occupied and the family must qualify as low-income. Please see the chart below to determine if your family qualifies as low-income. These loan and grant programs offer low- and no-interest financing with generous terms. All of the city's programs have no application fee and all costs may be financed. 
To qualify for this program, an applicant must be low-income. The current maximum income for a "low-income" household is shown by applicant family size.

2016 Income Limits

Low-Income Limits

 Household Size 

 $38,850  1
 $44,400  2
 $49,950  3
 $55,500  4
 $59,950  5
 $64,400  6
 $68,850  7
 $73,300  8

Single Family Housing Repair Loan
  • Up to a $60,000 loan for essential home repairs including repairing roof leaks, plumbing, electrical, heating, and more
  • For owner-occupied single family homes, condominiums*, and half-plexes*
  • All loans are deferred payment
Mobile Home Repair Grant
  • Up to a $10,000 grant for essential home repairs that will protect the health and safety of the occupant's mobile home
  • Must occupy your mobile home to qualify for a mobile home grant
Access Grant
  • Up to a $5,000 grant to improve access and safety
  • Includes ramps, grab-bars, visual alarms, and more
  • For owner-occupied homeowners, condominiums,* half-plexes,* and mobile homes
  • For elderly (62+) and permanently-disabled persons
*must be legally separate from adjoining structure(s)
How to get started?  
The City of Citrus Heights contracts with Michael Baker International to administer
the city's Housing Repair Program.  For more  information on the Housing Repair Program, contact Patrice Clemons by phone at (916) 231-3372 or by email at pclemons@mbakerintl.com.