The Best Lights in Citrus Heights

The City of Citrus Heights is excited to host its second annual “Best Lights in Citrus Heights” competition. It was a close race, but we have our two winners (voted on by our 2019 winners):

7227 Cobalt Way 

8135 Orelle Creek Ct.


Thank you to everyone who went above and beyond decorating this year, bringing holiday cheer when we all needed it most. We hope this competition will carry on so we can recognize more homes each year! The runners up were:

7131 Karen Rae Ct.
6324 Creekcrest Circle

5465 Wildwood Way

This year so many things are different, but we're still excited to celebrate our community's solid (and festive) roots! To view lights displays, please plan to drive by, instead of walking, when possible. If you need to walk to view the lights, please wear a face mask and keep social distance from those outside your everyday "bubble."

Best Lights Map Button Opens in new window

You can click the button above to view the map of nominees in Google Maps, which is handy if you're on your mobile device and would like to navigate to view the lights! You can also zoom in and out of the map below, and click the green icons of nominees to preview a photo! The yellow star icons are previous winners

2020 Nominees So Far

  • 7131 Karen Rae Ct.
  • 8135 Orelle Creek Ct.
  • 7025 Cherrytree Ave.
  • 5465 Wildwood Way
  • 6324 Creekcrest Circle
  • 7842 Dracena Dr. 
  • 6600 Misty Creek Dr.
  • 7820 Patton Ave.
  • 6017 Centurion Circle 
  • 8336 Argo Dr.
  • 5909 Whaler Ct.
  • 8246 Moss Oak Ave.
  • 7201 Catamaran Dr.
  • 7145 Parkvale Way 
  • 7200 Raintree Dr.
  • 7701 Madison Ave.
  • 7562 Westgate Dr.
  • 8070 Oak Meadow Ct.
  • 7227 Cobalt Way 
  • 8105 Poulson St.
  • 8444 Menke Way

2019 Winners

  • 7032 Ansbourgh Dr.
  • 8111 Orelle Creek Ct.
  • 7600 Farmgate Way
  • 6248 Woodcreek Drive

New this year: Last year's winners will help us judge entries! Watch the video below to learn about the 2019 winners. Note that winners are not eligible to win the immediate year after being awarded (so our 2019 winners can't win again until 2021).

By submitting your photos, you agree to allow the City of Citrus Heights to share them on its social media channels, website, and newsletter. 

Click here to email your photo submission to win the title of "Best Lights in Citrus Heights!"