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Connect Citrus Heights | Sign Up Form

  1. What email address would you like City staff to contact you at?

  2. Please provide us with the name(s) of the Citrus Heights organization(s) or community area you are a part of. Please separate multiple groups with a comma.

    (If your group doesn't have a formal name, that's okay! You can provide a description like, "Neighbors of Prince St.")

  3. Current City News and Connection*

    How are you currently getting news from the City of Citrus Heights? Check all that apply.

  4. If you're not already connected to the City's social channels and/or newsletter, please visit to subscribe and follow. As a Connect Citrus Heights member, we would like you to be following or subscribed to at least one of the City's channels. 

  5. Your Audiences*

    How does your group currently communicate with its members or target audience (big or small!) within Citrus Heights? Please check all that apply.

  6. Problem Solving and Building Connection*

    In what ways could the City's Communications Team help your organization or community area? Check all that apply.

  7. City Council has set a three-year goal to “Enhance Community Vibrancy and Engagement” in Citrus Heights. When you think about a successful future for our community -- specifically related to vibrancy and engagement --  what do you picture?

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  9. If you have one, please share your group's logo.

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    Thank you so much for your interest in Connect Citrus Heights.

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