Pet Licensing

Did you know?

Citrus Heights Municipal Code section 8-90 requires all persons owning a dog or cat older than 4 months of age to license their pet!

To license your pet, the animal must have a current rabies vaccination. A rabies tag is not a license.

How to License Your Pet
To purchase a license online visit

By Mail

Print the Animal License Application and mail it with your pet's rabies and spay/neuter certificate to:
Citrus Heights Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
PO Box 141929
Irving, TX 75014-1929
(Include a check or money order payable to City of Citrus Heights Animal Services)

Benefits of Licensing Your Pet

  • Get reunited with your lost pet faster! The first thing our Animal Services Officers look for when finding a lost pet is a license.  If your animal is wearing a license, officers will contact you immediately, often times giving your pet a ride home
  • Link your pet's microchip number to their license.  That way even if the license tag gets lost, your pet doesn't.
  • Pets with identification are held at the shelter longer before being placed for adoption.  This gives you more time to find your lost pet
  • If your lost pet is injured, we will have contact information on file and can get permission to treat any injuries. 
  • Dog parks, apartment complexes, and boarding facilities require pets to be licensed.
  • Licensing fees fund services for pet owners and pets in the Citrus Heights community!

**For licensing assistance and questions contact PetData online customer service or call their toll free Customer Service at 1-855-223-1682

License Fees Table

SURROUNDING AREA RESIDENTS: The City of Citrus Heights is unable to license, accept payments, or provide services for any other jurisdictions.