Fair Political Practices Commission Reporting

The City Clerk serves as the local filing officer for Conflict of Interest Statements and Campaign Finance Reports in accordance with the Political Reform Act.

Public officials involved in making or participation in the making of governmental decisions are required to file Conflict of Interest Statements upon assuming office, annually, and when leaving office. View the City of Citrus Heights Conflict of Interest Code (PDF).

Statement of Economic Interests, FPPC Form 700

Government Code Section 87200 identifies city elected officials, planning commissioners, city manager, city attorney, finance director as statutory filers who are required to file Statements of Economic Interests. These filers file with FPPC, and their forms may be viewed at the FPPC's webpage.

Elected Officials

Effective January 1, 2013, Government Code Section 87505 requires city and county clerks who maintain a website to post a list of names and position titles for each of the elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200.

MayorBret Daniels
Vice MayorJayna Karpinski-Costa
City Council MemberMariJane Lopez-Taff
City Council MemberPorsche Middleton
City Council MemberTim Schaefer
City ManagerAshley J. Feeney
City AttorneyRyan R. Jones
Finance DirectorSusan Talwar
Planning CommissionerMarcelle Flowers
Planning CommissionerNatalee Price
Planning CommissionerJames Remick
Planning CommissionerTom Scheeler
Planning CommissionerMax Semenenko
Planning CommissionerOleg Shishko
Planning CommissionerAndrew Van Duker

Campaign Statements

Campaign finance statements are required of candidates, City Council members, political action committees, and individuals making or receiving $2,000 or more to support or oppose candidates or measures.

All statements are public documents and may be viewed upon request by contacting the City Clerk's Office at 916-725-2448 or via email the City Clerk. View the Statements of Economic Interest of the City of Citrus Heights Council Members on the Fair Political Practices Commission website.

View current candidate and committee campaign statements on file with the City Clerk's Office.