City Council
Citrus Heights City Council Members are elected at large to staggered 4-year terms. The City of Citrus Heights consolidates its General Municipal Election with the statewide election held in even-numbered years.
November 3, 2020 City Council Election
Citrus Heights' next regularly-scheduled election will be held on November 3, 2020. Two of the City Council positions will be on the November 3 ballot. 

Running for Office / Candidate Qualifications
If you are interested in running for public office in the City of Citrus Heights, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of California
  • Must be a registered voter in, and a resident in, the district in which he or she seeks election at the time nomination papers are issued

For more information, view the Guide to Running for Local Office (PDF), or contact the City Clerk at (916) 725-2448 or via email cityclerk@citrusheights.net.

Voter Registration

A person, 18 years of age or older and not imprisoned or on parole for the conviction of a felony, may register to vote at anytime. Registration is permanent, and a new affidavit of registration need only be executed if you have changed your name, address, or wish to change your political party affiliation. Voter registration forms are available at City Hall, the County Registrar of Voters Office, or online through the California Secretary of State.

Citrus Heights has 45,585 registered voters as of February 10, 2019.

Election History

For a history of elections in Citrus Heights, visit the Election History page.