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What is an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), also known as a “mother-in-law” or “granny flat,” is an attached or detached residential dwelling unit that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons on the same parcel as the main dwelling unit. This includes permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation.

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What is a JADU?

A junior ADU (JADU) is space within a primary dwelling which is converted into an efficiency studio.  JADUs may be no larger than 500 sq. ft and must provide an efficiency kitchen but may share bathing facilities with the primary unit. JADUs must have an entry separate from the primary dwelling.  Up to 150 sq. ft. can be added to the dwelling for an entryway.  JADUs require the property owner to record a deed restriction to the property’s title. Refer to the FAQs for more information on the attributes of a JADU.

Development Standards

The placement of an ADU on a residential property is regulated by a variety of standards including setbacks, height limits, lot coverage.  Refer to the Development Standards to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about ADUs and JADUs, refer to the FAQ link for answers to most questions.  

Additional Information

Contact the Planning Division at 916-727-4740 or by e-mail