Why is Old Auburn Road being fixed before other roads?

Since incorporation, the City has routinely received concerns from residents regarding safety along Old Auburn Road. Concerns include excessive vehicle speeds, lack of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, safe crossings, increased congestion and a history of collisions.

 In 2011, the City adopted a Complete Streets standard (see Question below for info on Complete Streets) for all roadways in the community. This policy is intended to provide safe movement for all roadway users including people walking, riding a bicycle, or driving a car.

 In 2016, as part of the Pedestrian Master Plan, the City surveyed residents about their concerns related to walking within the City. Approximately 69% of survey respondents indicated they would like to see pedestrian improvements in their neighborhood. 62% of respondents indicated they would walk more if there were better sidewalks and crosswalks. In addition, over 50% of respondents did not feel safe from cars while walking.

 When the City adopted the Pedestrian Master Plan, the Old Auburn Road corridor was identified as a Focus Area due to the importance of the corridor, the lack of infrastructure, and the number of collisions. The focus area identified a variety of safety concerns for pedestrians and vehicles along this corridor that needed to be addressed in more detail.

 In 2020, the City published the Old Auburn Road Complete Streets Plan. This plan was the result of a multi-year study that outlined existing conditions, safety analysis, traffic analysis, alternative design options, cost estimates, project phasing and funding strategies, and a robust public engagement campaign. At each stage of the study, the City brought together staff, community members, and stakeholders to evaluate the alternatives and receive feedback on the preliminary designs.  The study evaluated the portion of Old Auburn Road between Sylvan Corners (Auburn/Sylvan/Old Auburn intersection) and Garry Oak Dr (where the current Multi-Use pathway ends, just east of Fair Oaks Blvd.) This Plan, including messages and comments from the public outreach events, and provided a roadmap for the next stage of the project which is environmental documentation and design. The Plan can be found on the City’s website. http://www.citrusheights.net/942/Old-Auburn-Rd-Complete-Streets-Plan.

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1. Why is Old Auburn Road being fixed before other roads?
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