Encroachment Permits


6360 Fountain Square Dr
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

6360 Fountain Square Dr
Citrus Heights, CA 95621


Link: Encroachment Permits

Requirements & Fees

Encroachment permits are required any time work is being performed in the public right-of-way, or if the work will affect the right-of-way, such as installing a new driveway. Fees vary depending on the type of permit needed and how extensive the work is. The fees are collected solely to cover the cost of staff administrative and inspection time associated with the specific permit.


Traffic control plans (if applicable) and conceptual plans must be submitted with each encroachment permit application, along with proof of insurance. To apply for a permit, please complete the Encroachment Permit Application (PDF) and return to the General Services Department via email to Encroachment Permits, or return it to us in person or by mail.

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