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Shopping Cart Plan

  1. Public Notice & Cart Identification

    Every business providing shopping carts shall have a sign permanently affixed to each cart that includes all of the following information:

    • A valid address, store identity number, telephone number, or some other form of markings that clearly identifies the cart owner
    • Notice to the public that the unauthorized removal of the shopping cart from the premises of the business establishment, or the unauthorized possession of the shopping cart, is a violation of State laws and violation of City ordinance.
  2. Loss Prevention Measures*

    Please identify all measures used at this location to aid in the prevention of carts being removed from the premises.  

    Check all that apply:

  3. Employee Training*

    Please provide the methods used to train employees on measures used to aid in retaining carts on-premise.  

    Check all that apply:

  4. Mandatory Retrieval

    Carts found off-premise may be impounded by the City.  The owner of a properly identified cart will be notified of how to reclaim the cart.  A storage fee will be collected for each cart not picked-up within 3 days following notification.  Carts not retrieved within 10 days will be destroyed.

  5. Retrieval Services*

    Does the business use a cart retrieval service?

  6. Contact Information

    Please provide the contact information for the person responsible for implementing this plan

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