What are the plans to address traffic congestion in the area?

For City streets, traffic congestion is typically caused by operations at major intersections and not due to the number of lanes along a roadway.  As part of these complete street improvements on Old Auburn Road, infrastructure will be installed to allow signal timing improvements and signal coordination which will help traffic flow through intersections on Old Auburn Road more efficiently.  The current plan proposes to add two-way left turn lanes where they do not exist today, increasing safety for left-turning vehicles and allowing them to wait outside of the travel lane. Additionally, the lane reduction may reduce the amount of cut-through traffic using the corridor during peak commute times as a bypass for Interstate 80.

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1. Why is Old Auburn Road being fixed before other roads?
2. What part of Old Auburn Road is included in the current design?
3. What is a Complete Street?
4. Why reduce the number of travel lanes? Instead, why not add a lane to reduce congestion?
5. What are the plans to address traffic congestion in the area?
6. Why dedicate a traffic lane on Old Auburn Road for bicyclists when there are not many who ride their bike on this road?
7. What is a Separated Bikeway / Cycle Track?
8. Why were the planter barriers installed at the Fair Oaks intersection?
9. What will happen at the signalized intersections of Sunrise, Antelope and Fair Oaks?
10. What is a protected Intersection?
11. When will the Project be constructed?
12. What are the next steps for this Project?