What happens to the organic waste after collecting it?

The organic waste will be taken to a composting facility in California to be composted and turned in to soil amendment, which can be used for farming and other agricultural uses.

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1. How can I search this FAQ?
2. What is SB 1383?
3. How will this law help the environment?
4. How much landfill waste will this law reduce?
5. Who must comply with the new law?
6. What is Organic Waste?
7. What is the difference between “organic food” vs “organic waste”?
8. What is the difference between "food waste" vs "compost"?
9. What does food waste recycling mean for residents?
10. How do I find out my Recycle schedule?
11. What is the size of the free counter kitchen top pail?
12. How will residents prevent food waste from sticking to the inside of the organic waste carts?
13. Do I need to use a compostable bag for my food waste?
14. Where should I store food waste until I bring it out to my green Organic Waste cart?
15. What happens if a resident has more than one green Organic Waste cart now?
16. What if you don’t have an Organic Waste cart?
17. Can a resident apply for an exemption or waiver?
18. Will there be an exemption for residents who are currently do not have a green waste cart?
19. What if I have no space for a new or larger cart?
20. Can I still compost at home or am I not allowed to do so with this new Organic Waste Recycling Program?
21. Can I get an Organic Waste exemption if I already compost at home or if I don't generate any food waste?
22. Can I self-haul my food waste?
23. Will there be a special rate for low-income residents?
24. What can be put in the green Organic Waste cart?
25. Which paper products can go into the green Organic Waste Cart? Do paper coffee or soda cups count)?
26. How do we know if these food-soiled items can go into the green Organic Waste cart?
27. Can I put compostable cutlery in the green Organic Waste cart?
28. Do I need to change any of my garbage disposal habits?
29. Does this program change how I dispose of fats, oils, and greases (FOGs)?
30. What should I do with Keurig cups?
31. What happens to the organic waste after collecting it?
32. Will residents be able to obtain compost for their yard?
33. Where can I find more information?
34. Where can we purchase compostable bags?