What are the setbacks requirements for an ADU?

Detached ADUs must have a minimum four foot side and rear yard setback.  If the ADU is created through the conversion of space in an existing detached structure, i.e. garage, the existing setback may be maintained provided it is sufficient for fire safety.

Attached ADUs shall maintain a five foot side yard setback and a 20 foot rear yard setback.  In some cases, the rear yard setback for attached units may be reduced to 10 ft.  If your project requires a reduced rear yard setback, contact the Planning Division at (916) 727-4740 to see if your property qualifies.

There may be other factors such as easements that will increase the required setback.  Additionally, it is not recommended to build right up to the setback line.  Many times during construction if the structure appears too close to the setback, the property owner may be required to have the property surveyed during the inspection process.  To find out if your property has easements that need to be considered, please refer to your property’s title report. 

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