1. Take a photo of the item and a photo of the serial number on the item.

2. Draft an email to My Property.

3. Type your last name and Driver's License or ID Card Number in the Subject Line.

4. Attach photos to email.

5. Click Send.

It's that simple!

Email Header

The Citrus Heights Police Department is offering to store your serial numbers for you for free. Serial Numbers are important to provide the police department when your items become lost or stolen so they can be entered into the proper systems. Whenever the serial numbers are run in the system, they will come back as lost or stolen and your chances of recovering your lost or stolen items will be much greater. The police can also arrest the person in possession of your stolen property when the system message comes back as listing that serialized item as stolen. If you do become a victim of burglary and you have participated in this program, make sure to tell the officer that you participated and emailed your serialized property photos and numbers to My Property.

For additional information or more detailed instructions, please call the Citrus Heights Police Department at 916-727-5500.