Community Projects Grant

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Program Overview

The city will provide grants to community groups for special projects and events implemented in Citrus Heights. The City’s Community Projects Grant program aims to engage citizens in creative efforts to promote community involvement, pride, and connection.  

Community groups are responsible for proposing, designing, and implementing the project. 

The Program is meant to:

  • Inspire creative and innovative thinking
  • Connect residents through events and programs 
  • Reach local grassroots groups looking to do something positive in the community 
  • Strengthen existing, and create new partnerships to improve the quality of life for all residents of Citrus Heights


Any 501c3, community group, or organization seeking funding to complete an activity or project that improves the quality of life in Citrus Heights is eligible.

Note: If you are an individual with an idea but are not affiliated with an organization, please reach out to staff in the Community Engagement Department for assistance connecting with your Neighborhood Association or other community group partners at 

The program will NOT consider grant proposals for: 

  • Retroactive funding for projects already completed
  • Salaries for permanent employees
  • Replacement of funding for preexisting community projects or programs
  • Start-up programs that require ongoing funding that is not available at the time of application
  • One-time, individual benefit activities (no Eagle Scout projects, study trips, library memberships, or similar)
  • Organizations that have received more than $75,000 in grant funding from the city in the current or previous fiscal year
  • Projects or activities identified with political parties
  • Organizations that practice discrimination of any kind
  • General contributions to larger capital projects

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We appreciate your interest in the Community Projects Grants! 

THE APPLICATION PERIOD WILL REOPEN IN FEBRUARY 2024 - Stay tuned for more information!