Draft Housing Documents

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The Housing Element is comprised of several interrelated documents that provide the background and context for any updates or proposed changes to the Housing Element Policy Document. All documents posted here are considered Draft until adopted by the City Council.
The City welcomes feedback from members of the community on the draft documents. All feedback will be considered during the Planning Commission and City Council review period. Please use the link above to provide your comments and to ask any questions you may have on the documents or Housing Element update process.

Draft Vacant Land Inventory
The Vacant Land Inventory is a tool to inform the community, interested parties, and housing developers about land available for housing in Citrus Heights. The Inventory is an important tool to implement the Housing Element. The Vacant Land Inventory is used to demonstrate the City has adequate land available to accommodate the Regional Housing Needs Allocation.

The Draft Inventory is available here.

Draft Housing Element Policy Documents
The Housing Element Policy Documents include Chapter 2 (Community Development) and Chapter 3 (Resource Conservation) of the Citrus Heights General Plan, and enumerate the many goals, policies, and actions that the City has outlined for future development. These policies have been reviewed and updated to address the changes that have occurred since the last Housing Element update and to ensure they are still responsive to the needs of the community.

The Draft Housing Element Policy Documents are available here and here.

Draft Housing Element Background Report

The Housing Element Background report tracks, analyzes, and evaluates changing demographic data related to the city's population, housing needs, and other housing related data points. The Background Report serves as a tool to understand what is going on in Citrus Heights related to housing and helps identify any policy changes necessary to provide housing for our community.

The Draft Housing Element Background Report is available here.

UCLA Affordability Analysis

Every city's housing needs are unique. Affordability of housing is different in Citrus Heights compared to other cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or even local agencies like Roseville, Folsom, or Sacramento. In order to determine what density of housing results in affordable housing in Citrus Heights; the city, through partnership with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), contracted with UCLA to evaluate this topic. The Affordability Analysis identifies what densities are necessary to result in affordable housing in Citrus Heights.

The UCLA Analysis is available here.