9. What will the property look like in the future?
  1. In 2019, the City adopted a General Plan Amendment including broad objectives to be considered during the development of a Specific Plan. These include:
    1. An effective concentration and complementary mix of land uses

    2. Streetscape and community gathering features that are engaging and support an active street life and a stronger sense of place

    3. Architectural and design details to transition this area from an auto-oriented suburban center to an amenity-rich, pedestrian-friendly, and experience-oriented regional destination

    4. Phasing, infrastructure, and financing approaches

These objectives will guide the development of the Specific Plan. These objectives will be refined through community engagement and engagement with the Sunrise Mall property owners.

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1. 1. Is the Sunrise Mall Closing?
2. 2. Does the City own any land around Sunrise Mall?
3. 3. What is a Specific Plan?
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6. 6. How long does this process take?
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9. 9. What will the property look like in the future?
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