Various Signalized Intersection Safety Improvements

Project Description: The city operates and maintains 61 signalized intersections, most of which were installed many years ago. We have actively been upgrading the signals to include count-down pedestrian indications and larger size vehicle indications as various capital improvement and maintenance projects permit. Count-down pedestrian indications provide additional information and allows users to make more informed decisions on when to cross the road. Larger size vehicle indications increase the visibility of the traffic signals and enhances the drivers’ ability to react to upstream roadway conditions. Currently, there are 11 remaining signals in need of count-down pedestrian signal indications and 29 signals in need of increased vehicle indication sizes.

At the intersection of Greenback Ln/Auburn Blvd, several pedestrian-involved crashes have occurred related to pedestrians crossing the roadway outside of the intersection's crosswalks. Installation of a pedestrian median barrier will prohibit pedestrians from crossing at these locations, guiding them to use the designated controlled crosswalks at the adjacent signalized intersection. This project will install pedestrian median fencing, within the existing raised medians, on three legs of the intersection.

In addition, as part of the upgrades at the intersections of Sunrise Blvd/Macy Plaza Drive and Sunrise Blvd/Birdcage Center, upgraded accessible curb ramps will be installed.

Project Status:  Currently in Design Phase. Public outreach related to the median fencing design to begin in January 2019 with construction slated for summer 2019.

Contact: General Services Department, 916-727-4770

Page last updated December 16,2018.