From the desk of Chief Christopher W. Boyd

From the desk of Chief Boyd

Just over ten years ago, in June 2006, the Citrus Heights Police Department took over the city’s law enforcement services and hit the streets amid much excitement and fanfare. Our mission at that time, to provide high quality, economical, responsive services to the community remains our priority today; our original adage – It’s All About Character – still the nexus from which our work ethic emanates. On Thursday June 23, 2016, we formally recognized our ten-year anniversary during our annual Swearing-In and Awards Ceremony. Preparing to pen some remarks for the celebration, I had been reflecting on the last decade and considering a variety of themes. So much has been accomplished in that time – goals realized, awards earned, achievements recognized – far too many to highlight. It was, however, clear to me that the one theme superseding all the rest was, of course, the men and women of the Citrus Heights Police Department, the people who affect all of the above. 

So many of those in attendance at the ceremony, having been with the department from day one, proudly received their ten-year pins; others recognized for five-years of service. We acknowledged the exceptional work our staff does every day, welcomed our newest employees, and celebrated those who have promoted. I can honestly say that the men and women of the Citrus Heights Police Department, some of the best in the industry, are among the most hard working, honorable, uncompromising, and tirelessly committed people with whom I have had the honor to work. Their bravery and loyalty to our department and this community are unsurpassed. They are creative thinkers who challenge one another and give thoughtful consideration as to how they can make this city even better and safer. Each is a leader in their own right who takes great pride in a job well done, devoted to their profession beyond measure. We have built a unique organization of extraordinary people who generate extraordinary results.  

As well, we have worked hard to perfect a community policing philosophy tailor-made for this city. Our success in crime reduction and community satisfaction is directly attributable to our utilization of advanced techniques in community problem solving and the consistent outreach our officers put forth every day. As a two-time, back-to-back winner of the James Q. Wilson award, the highest statewide honor for community policing, our department has excelled in direct efforts in partnering with our community. We are particularly fortunate to have in Citrus Heights a unique community that truly partners with us, greatly contributing to the effectiveness of this strategy. Our officers and staff understand that the philosophy of working with our community on problems and crime is the only pathway to success. In fact, the substantial reduction in crime we have achieved to date would not have been possible without the full commitment of this partnership and the relentless pursuit of criminals by our officers every single day

When it comes to the youth in our community, our commitment is second-to-none. I am immensely proud of the time and effort our staff has invested in developing a robust Police Activities League, Juvenile Diversion Program, and Youth Explorer Program. We have influenced so many of the youth in our community in very positive ways – all of which make our community stronger, safer. To that end, special focus in the area of domestic violence has earned us national recognition for our groundbreaking partnership with A Community for Peace (ACFP), a local trauma informed social justice center for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Pairing trained domestic violence counselors with officers on patrol has successfully interrupted the cycle of violence for local families, providing contacts, resources, and help. Together, CHPD and ACFP have made great strides, allowing the healing process to begin and restoring peace to many Citrus Heights homes.

None of this would have been possible however, without the full confidence of our City Council and City Manager Henry Tingle. The vision rests with them and we greatly appreciate their support, encouragement, and leadership. Their commitment to quality policing and helping us accomplish our mission has been invaluable; their concern for our well-being unmatched in the industry. Understanding that safety and a healthy lifestyle are products of work/life balance, their desire to provide for that balance led to an innovative scheduling concept not offered in any other agency. 

Additionally, we much appreciate the City’s department directors and all city staff who work tirelessly alongside us to provide the best services possible to Citrus Heights. We are also grateful for the strong, effective partnerships we rely on with our law enforcement colleagues and community partners.  

Ten years ago, we set out with a unique and innovative vision: create a police department that was all about character, service, and top quality training – the foundation of which is a strong relationship with our community, one based on trust and mutual respect. Not doing things because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” rather, creating the ‘CHPD way’ to reduce crime, enhance services, and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Citrus Heights. To create an environment that encourages and provides ample opportunity for both professional and personal growth. As your Chief of Police, I can proudly stand before you and say that we achieved these goals. 

Perhaps our greatest gratitude, however, belongs to the people of Citrus Heights – all those who live, work, and play in this community. Your willingness to embrace us (as Mayor Jeannie Bruins so aptly described) with such unabashed affection; partner with us to make safer the streets of this city; and unreservedly support us in our mission – these endorsements are key to our success. It does not go unnoticed, is profoundly appreciated, and remains the reason we do what we do, day in and day out. 

So we thank you. Rest assured, no matter what the future may hold, our vision, mission, values, and integrity remain strong and unwavering, a solid force from which we have become a nationally recognized, highly respected, and frequently emulated role model in the law enforcement community. The safety and security of this community is in strong, capable, outstretched hands. The next ten years promise to be even better than the last!