Neighborhood Traffic Management

Traffic Calming Programs

Citrus Heights has adopted a Neighborhood Traffic Management (NTM) Policy (PDF) to implement neighborhood traffic calming programs. The city's philosophy is to develop programs on a neighborhood-wide basis. This is accomplished by working with each neighborhood association to determine neighborhood priorities. General Services Department (GSD) staff work collaboratively with the Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District to respond to the neighborhood traffic issues raised by residents.

The Three Es

The 3 Es are the key to improving traffic conditions through neighborhoods:
  • Education: GSD staff will work with you and your neighbors to provide information about traffic conditions and possible remedies.
  • Enforcement: Through the partnership between GSD staff and CHPD, targeted enforcement strategies can be implemented.
  • Engineering: Traffic-calming measures are implemented based on community input and engineering principles.
Request to consider traffic calming in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Projects

The city works with Neighborhood Associations to identify traffic concerns, whether they be cut-through traffic through residential streets, speeding, need for increased parking, maybe even decreased parking. For more information on neighborhood traffic management, please contact Mary Poole, Operations Manager, at 916-727-4770.

Concerned about speeding in your neighborhood?  
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