Transportation & Streets

The transportation and streets function have oversight of roadway maintenance, roadway improvement projects, permits related to use of city right-of-way, and other street-related projects or programs.
  1. Encroachment Permits

    Encroachment Permits are required whenever work will be done in the city right-of-way. Examples include driveway repair, utility work, building construction, sewer work, and even some landscaping.

  2. Neighborhood Traffic Management

    The Neighborhood Traffic Management program is concerned with the development of an area-wide approach to solving neighborhood traffic problems.

  3. Open Bids

    In conjunction with these specific areas of work, the city also has consultant and contracting opportunities to support these efforts.

  4. Pavement Maintenance Program

    Roadway or pavement maintenance is concerned with keeping the city streets in the best possible condition.

  5. Street Sweeping

    Street sweeping focuses on regular street sweeping services to keep our roads litter and debris free and to act as a proactive approach to the stormy season - when leaves and other debris can clog drains and cause neighborhood flooding.

  6. Street Use Permits

    Street Use Permits are necessary whenever access to a roadway is temporarily limited or denied. Examples include block parties, fun-runs or marathons, and parades.

  7. Traffic Counts

    Traffic Counts for major streets within the city are updated regularly. For more information, contact General Services at 916-727-4770.

  8. Transportation Permit

    A Transportation Permit is required when an oversized vehicle or special cargo is traveling on city roads.

  9. Truck Routes

    The California Vehicle Code, Section 35701 grants local agencies the authority (by ordinance) to establish Truck Routes. Chapter 94, Article III, Division 4 – Truck Routes of the Citrus Heights Municipal Code details City of Citrus Heights truck routes.