Past Projects

Early Project Partnership

Sunrise Recreation and Park District is the local agency with jurisdiction over park and recreation facilities within the city. The Park District has been extremely supportive of incorporation and many partnerships to improve the community have occurred between the city and the district. For the first few years after incorporation, the park district opened its facilities to the city to hold City Council meetings and Planning Commission meetings at Rusch Park or Crosswoods Community Center. In addition, the city has provided the district with funding to improve and provide new park facilities throughout the community and both agencies have partnered on a variety of events and other programming to enhance the community.

Past Partnership Projects

  • Park Impact Fees: Prior to incorporation, there were no park impact fees collected on new development in Citrus Heights. This meant that capital funds for new parks were very limited. In 1999, the city imposed park impact development fees and over $680,000 has been collected to date. These fees are collected and retained by the city. The park district brings proposals forward for consideration and with the city's agreement that funds are allocated. A portion of these funds were used in the development of the new Stock Ranch Park.
  • Skateboard Park: City funded $225,000 to construct a skateboard park on park district property which is owned and operated by the park district.
  • Rusch Park Swimming Pool Enhancement: The park district had approximately $2.9 million from grant and other funding to completely renovate this 34-year-old facility. The city contributed an additional $200,000 to provide additional funding for a shade structure over the bleachers at Rusch Park Aquatic Complex.
  • Crosswoods Play Equipment Renovation: The city contributed $35,000 in funds to provide new play equipment, picnic tables and benches at this site.
  • Rusch Play Equipment Renovation: $20,000 in funds were used in the renovation of the play equipment located at the picnic reservation area at Rusch Park.
  • Greenback Wood Park: The city funded $12,000 to construct a shade structure with 2 picnic tables and a park bench.
  • Rusch Park: The city contributed $150,000 for the Restroom located at the craft center.
  • Rusch Park: The city contributed $670,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds to provide new play equipment at 9 park sites throughout the community.
  • Westwood Park Phase III Development: The city funded $237,000 to construct tennis courts, a basketball court, shaded picnic area, and play equipment.
  • C Bar C Park: The city contributed 32,000 in funds to assist the park district in landscaping the south end of C Bar C Park along Oak Avenue. The area received grading irrigation, turf, and oak trees. This area of Oak Avenue is now greener thanks to the citizens that requested that this area of Oak Avenue receive better landscaping and to the city for their funding for the project.