Partnership Initiatives

The partnership between the city and San Jan Unified School District (SJUSD) has been a major player in the improvement and expansion of many Citrus Heights school campuses, allowing for greater school safety, and more academic opportunities. Since incorporation, the city and San Juan Unified School District have partnered on a number of significant projects:

  • Development of a list of recommendations for areas of collaboration as developed by the Education Committee - a public task force
  • Renovation and reopening of the San Juan High School pool
  • Political support of Measure J and Commitment to Improve Citrus Heights Schools
  • Transformation of the new San Juan High School
  • Funding from the city to improve playground equipment in several elementary schools
  • Expansion and redesign of the Mariposa Elementary School parking lot
  • Regular communication between school principals and city staff to work on issues and share information
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