Waste Disposal

In addition to stormwater management and creek maintenance, the city also takes steps to improve stormwater quality. The city has adopted local regulations that make causing or contributing to a discharge of pollutants into storm drains and waterways illegal.

Hazardous Waste

  • Residents can dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) through the city's HHW Program. For information on upcoming free HHW drop-off events for Citrus Heights residents, visit the city's Waste Management and Recycling page.
  • Businesses that generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste can properly dispose of it by taking the hazardous waste in a sealed container to the Sacramento county North Area Recovery Station (NARS), located at:
    4450 Roseville Road
    North Highlands, CA 95660
  • Use the least toxic products for cleaning and auto as well as pest and garden maintenance.
  • Clean latex paint brushes in the sink, not outdoors.
Automotive Waste
  • Maintain vehicles to keep the fluids from dripping onto the pavement.
  • Properly dispose of auto fluids and batteries.
  • When washing your car, use as little water and soap as possible to reduce the runoff and pollution, or better yet, use a commercial car wash that recycles the water.
Landscaping, Gardening & Construction
  • Inform your landscape, construction and pool contractors about proper methods to prevent pollution.
  • Sweep surfaces before hosing down to keep debris out of the storm drain.
  • Consider safer alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Use sparingly and not before rain.
  • Compost or recycle yard waste.
  • Properly drain pools, spas, and fountains (see the Pools & Spas article)
Pet Waste
Pick up pet waste, bag it, and dispose of the waste in the trash. This will prevent harmful bacteria from getting into our waterways. Visit the Animal Services Division's page for more information about the city's animal regulations.