Landlord-Tenant Mediation & Counseling

Free Counseling & Mediation Services
The City of Citrus Heights offers assistance related to complaints of discrimination in housing and landlord-tenant disputes.  Assistance is provide through the city's partnership with Sacramento Self-Help Housing.  Sacramento Self-Help Housing will work with renters and owners/property managers to educate and mediate disputes for residents in danger of losing their housing.  If Self-Help Housing determines a party's action may be the result of illegal discrimination, or other illegal actions, referrals are made to appropriate agencies.  

Need Help?

  • What are my rights?
  • I cannot talk with my property manager
  • My landlord has not returned my security deposit
  • I just received an eviction notice
  • The heater in my apartment does not work 
  • I feel like the manager is discriminating against me
  • What are reasonable accommodations?
  • Can they increase my rent?
To take advantage of this complimentary service, contact the
Renters Helpline at 916-389-7877 to schedule an appointment.   

Renters Helpline is supported by Sacramento Self-Help Housing,
Community Link 2-1-1, Rental Housing Association,
Legal Services of Northern California,
and Project Sentinel.