We Hear Your Concerns…
The Citrus Heights Police Department realizes apartment living is unique and diverse.  Due to the unique living environment, apartment complexes are their own community within a community and face distinct challenges.  With this in mind, the Citrus Heights Police Department understood the need to create an innovative program geared toward apartment living.

CHAMP is the Answer!

A combined effort of the Citrus Heights Police Department, property managers and property owners was necessary to generate innovative ideas to address the varied problems in apartment living.  The Citrus Heights and Multi-housing Partnership (CHAMP) was created with the intent to use education and collaboration to create safe and thriving apartment living experiences.


CHAMP is a program to provide information to management of apartment complexes.  Members will be provided tools such as: crime-tips, email alerts, or blasts which provide information regarding any crime trends or crime issues that may affect your properties, and most importantly, the ability to use CHAMP participation as a marketing tool for your property by advertising that you “partner with the Police Department”.

Using technology helps engage the apartment communities in the policing process and promotes active participation to proactively solve problems.  This technology allows information, such as community concerns, crime alert bulletins and crime prevention flyers, to be shared in an efficient manner.

Educating the Community

Members of CHAMP are liaisons with the Citrus Heights Police Department and are encouraged to educate their communities on crime prevention techniques.


There is no cost to apartment communities that want to be a part of CHAMP.  Our expectation is for CHAMP members to participate in the program to address the distinct challenges that face apartment communities and law enforcement.


If you are a manager of a multi-housing complex located in the City of Citrus Heights and you are interested in joining CHAMP, email us.