Programs & Services

Curbside Battery Collection

Single use and rechargeable batteries can be put inside plastic storage bags (such as Ziploc) and set on top of your mixed recycling cart for collection during recycling collection weeks. View more information on the Curbside Battery Collection Program (PDF).

Appointment-Based Door-to-Door Sharps Collection

Used household hypodermic sharps, stored inside an approved sharps container, can be picked up at your doorstep by simply scheduling an appointment with Republic Services. Call 916-725-9060 or 916-638-9000 to schedule an appointment. Find out more on the Sharps Collection Program (PDF).

Residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

There are 3 household hazardous waste drop-off events (PDF) per year. Dates are published in the Customer Service Guide (calendar) mailed in January of each year.  Acceptable HHW items include paint, unused household cleaners, automotive batteries, automotive fluids, gasoline, fluorescent bulbs, solvents, pesticides, and acids. No ammunition, explosives, radioactive material, household batteries, sharps, used oil, or pharmaceutical drugs can be accepted at these events. The events are held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot behind the women's Macy's at Sunrise Mall. 2017 event dates are the following Saturdays:
  • April 8, 2017
  • June 10, 2017
  • October 14, 2017


Turn your spoils into soil!  See information for how to get started with composting at home here.   You can also attend Free Composting Workshops on the following Saturdays at the Sunrise Mall Farmers' Market: 
  • April 8, 2017
  • June 10, 2017
  • October 14, 2017

Please contact Republic Services at 916-725-9060 or 916-638-9000 for more information on the Composting Workshops.   Citrus Heights residents that attend will receive a free composting bin!

Extra Leaf Collections

In November, December, and January, residential customers can place up to six 30-gallon trash bags full of leaves (each bag not to exceed 35 pounds) out next to their green waste cart for collection. Learn more about extra leaf collections (PDF).

Used Oil & Oil Filter Recycling Program

Used motor oil and oil filters can be recycled by placing them on the curb next to your recycling cart on mixed recycling days. Pour used motor oil into a milk jug, water jug or a FREE container provided by Republic Services. Place drained, used oil filter in a sealable plastic bag such as a Ziploc bag, or in a FREE oil filter bag provided by Republic Services. One oil filter per bag and 3 gallons of oil allowed per pick-up. Contact Republic Services at 916-725-9060 or 916-638-9000 to obtain an oil recycling jug or used oil filter bag. See additional details on the Used Oil and Oil Filter Recycling Program (PDF).

Neighborhood Cleanup

Three times per year, residential garbage customers can place bulky items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, tires, and electronic waste out on the curb for removal. Visit the Neighborhood Cleanup page for more information.

Mandatory Garbage Collection Service

The City of Citrus Heights has an ordinance for mandatory garbage collection service for all improved parcels within the city limits. Mandatory garbage collection service is typical in cities and counties throughout the country and is the standard for most California jurisdictions. Mandatory garbage collection promotes and preserves public health, safety, and enhances the community by eliminating the financial motivation for illegal dumping of refuse, the accumulation of waste at homes and businesses, trash-burning, or theft of service from neighbors or businesses. 

Residential garbage service in Citrus Heights is provided by Republic Services. The garbage billing account is placed in the property owner’s name as of the date of ownership transfer. Please contact Republic Services at 916-725-9060 or 916-638-9000 if needed to change cart sizes, to change billing address, etc.

Sometimes circumstances arise where suspending garbage service for a time is appropriate, such as when there has been a house fire or other condition that has caused the home to become uninhabitable or extended vacancy. In these cases, property owners can apply for a temporary exemption from mandatory garbage collection service. Exemptions from mandatory garbage collection service are not intended to be used for real estate on the market for sale or for rental properties. To learn more about applying for a temporary exemption, please contact the General Services Department at 916-727-4770.